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Herbal highs, dance drugs, natural power; whatever you choose to call them, party pills are very popular these days for their exotic feel and all-around awesomeness. Party pills are basically recreational drugs that may contain BZP and other ingredients which help in improving one’s mood, focus, energy, and hangover effects thus boosting their fun. Think of them as the highway to the fun zone.

There are “party pills” and also “legal party pills”… made and legal in the USA, understanding these different terms will help you in the long run and keep you out of trouble. That’s why Vegas Nites is highly recommended and reviewed when it comes to legal party pills.  It not only boosts your mood, stamina, and energy, but it is also a legal party pill that can freely be taken according to the prescribed dosage.

Legal party pills, unlike illegal substances, are safer to use. They generally do not hamper your health, cause damage to the brain, and aren’t necessarily addictive. PSA – Never overdose on any drug including party pills.

What are the contents of party pills?
BZP (piperazine) was a common main ingredient used in most party pills but it was banned in many countries and so party pills went another direction. Right now the common ingredients used in most party pills are; caffeine, 5-HTP, Oxedrine, Camelia Sinensis, passionflower, Citrus aurantium, glaucine, geranamine and an extensive range of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Are party pills legal?
BZP is banned in some countries including Australia, Republic of Ireland and New Zealand, however, it can still be gotten in some jurisdictions. Party pills, in general, were legalized in the United States under the DSHEA Act issued by Congress in 1994. The media seems to always go into a frenzy over party pills, especially those that contain BZP. Understand that BZP is a restricted substance in most countries. Although party pills of late don’t contain BZP, make sure to find out if party pills are allowed in your area! What works in the USA might not work in Canada! For example, Yohimbe is perfectly fine in the US. It is not in Canada.

Are these legal party pills safe?
A pill being legal is one thing and being safe for intake is another… so to put it simply; legal party pills are definitely safe to use! They do not leave you with an overpowering effect, as long as you follow the prescribed dosage and don’t go over the limit, you should be just fine. Remember how ephedra got banned in 2005? Yes, don’t go misuing any drugs, including party pills!

Who takes party pills?
Party pills are popular for getting people high- safely. Now…not cocaine high or out-of-your-mind high, but a legal high.  Party pills are mostly used by 20 and 30 somethings, and generally those who are looking to have a good time. Party pills are legal, inexpensive and readily available. Do remember to take them according to directions and your needs. If you are looking for the best legal party pill on the planet, be sure to check out Vegas Nites at our store.

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