Vegas Nites’ Guide to a Great Guys Night Out With Vegas Nights Party Pill

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Vegas Party Pill’s Guide to a Great Guys Night Out

I love nights out, I mean who doesn’t? Well, maybe some people don’t because they don’t know how to prevent hangovers and pop some party pills, but I do. I will talk and scream about it with all enthusiasm my lungs can summon.

Night out! You hear about it on E! Entertainment, read about it in the papers, watch your friends talk about some “crazy” night out experience. Well bruh, nights out are fun. Everyone’s doing it, even the damn Kardashians (they do it ALL the time).

I won’t say that I’m a pro at nights out BUT, I’m not saying that I’m not one either.  I’ll share some tips which you can use to make the most out of your nights out… in case you are a novice or suffering from ANOS (Awful Night Out Syndrome; I just made that up. It’s real though!)

The “Perfect” Attire

Honestly, this is left for you to decide; gone are the days where our moms told us what to wear to birthday parties. If your mind tells you to go to the club looking like Jack Sparrow or The Undertaker, then I say GO FOR IT! I am sure some people will dig your fashion sense… “dapper” doesn’t have to be a 4-piece tuxedo. Seriously, it’s a “night out” so relax. Don’t be the typical “jeans and a button down” guy. Add something in that stands out..and gives girls an opportunity to ask you about it if you caught their eye. A girl may not let you know, but a woman will.

Don’t Overdo Ze Booze

You don’t have to be a major buzzkill to your friends, c’mon! Drinking is expected during a night out, but please don’t drink to the point where you behave like Llyod Christmas in Dumb & Dumber… no no… Just don’t. If you are not feeling up to it or you feel depressed? Just pop some party pills… not just party pills but “legal party pills” which can be found at our store, to boost your confidence and drop some serious moves on the dance floor.

Dealing With Hangovers

Like I said earlier, DON’T overdo the liquor! But… well I wouldn’t blame ya for getting a hangover… hangovers are almost like trophies – night out trophies. So what to do if you get a hangover? Well, the first thing you’ll want to do is to stay clear of “normal” people…especially the ladies! Do not approach them or explain what a crazy night out you had…nooo! Because at this point your speech is probably similar to Courage the Cowardly Dog and you probably stink of liquor… you need to drink a lot of water and just wait it out… till that episode is dunzo!

At this point, I feel obliged to tell you how to prevent hangovers, so here we go;

  • Drink less alcohol in total
  • Hydrate yourself with enough water or Gatorade
  • Never drink when your stomach is on empty
  • Take a hangover prevention party pill before you start drinking or before the night ends
  • Take it easy with shots! Especially when you are challenged by friends… avoid avoid AVOID. There’s only so much Fireball or Jager you can do with your dignity intact.

In all, do not forget to have fun and maybe crown the night with an intense make out with a hot cutie.



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