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About Us: Vegas Nites Party Pill

Welcome to Vegas Nites: The Ultimate Legal Party Pill.  Vegas Nites is an online store with offices and operations in Connecticut. We have a combined over 20 years in the dietary supplements industry and are committed to selling only the best products possible.

It’s our goal to make The Ultimate Vegas Nites Party Pill, truly the ultimate partying, rave and SWAG pill. We think we’ve succeeded in doing just that. Vegas Nites started as an idea to blend the vitamin and dietary supplement knowledge of today with the knowledge of ancient herbs.

This site has grown out of that initial desire to make the party and vitamin supplements meet. Vegas Nites is THE ultimate source for enhancing your nightlife!


Party Pill Customer Service

Our customer service goes to 11. We didn’t just make 10 better, we went to 11. We know that we are in an industry that is filled with questionable claims, lost orders, and businesses that are sketchy. Are we real people? Yes. Are we normal? That may be stretching it a bit, but we try to adhere to social norms most of the time.

We stand behind our products at all times. We make the best formula we know how, and will make it right if something goes wrong. If you order gets lost? Contact us, and we’ll get you taken care of.

Party Pill Feedback

We’re only human. All of us. Stuff happens. If something doesn’t go the way it should, please tell us directly. We make frowny faces at folks leaving negative reviews for any business when they didn’t give that business a chance to make it right in the first place. So, contact us first if we can do something better. Chances are, we can.



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